Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello Kitty Cozy for Hot Cups

Abbreviations- ch (chain), sc (single crochet), dc (double crochet), htc (half triple crochet), tc (triple crochet), st (stitch), sts (stitches), sl st (slip stitch), rep (repeat), sk (skip), F/O (finish off)
Crochet Hook Size- H
Finished Measurements when using H hook-  2 ½ inches tall not including ears, 9 inches in circumference at most narrow part, and 9 ½ inches at widest part.
Materials needed: Sugar ‘n Cream White, Sugar ‘n Cream Red, Sugar ‘n Cream Black, Sugar ‘n Cream Yellow. (One skein of each will make tons of these cozies). Black basic felt, scissors, a yarn needle, sewing needle and thread for sewing the eyes on.

Instructions for Head

Ch 26, join with sl st to first ch

R1: Sc in same st as joined to, sc rest of sts (26)

R2: Sc all sts (26)

R3: *Sc in next 12 sts, 2 sc in next st… rep from * once more (28)

R4-7: Sc all sts (28)

R8: Sc next 27 sts, sl st into last stitch (28)

R9: slip st in next st and f/o

Ears (make 2)

Join white yarn in st after last sl st and chain 1

Dc in next st, htc, tc, htc in next st, dc in next st, sl st in next st f/o

Sk 5 sts and rep last steps for first ear.


Use the magic adjustable ring and sc 6 sts into the ring. Sl st to the first sc made.
Ch 3, htc, 2 tc, htc, dc in same spc as sl st. f/o
Sk 3 sts and join yarn in next st. rep for previous side of bow.
Now, weave in all ends to keep your work organized.

Whiskers (make 6)

You’re going to weave six separate pieces of yarn through the front of the face to get the whisker affect. Tie each end of the yarn in a knot onto the inside of your work.


Make it the same way you made the whiskers except with yellow yarn.
Eyes (make 2)
Cut two small oval pieces of black felt and sew them onto the appropriate places
[I’d plan on making the eyes out of needle and thread or buttons if you plan on washing this cozy]

Sewing Time

Sew on the bow to the head below the ear with needle and thread, or with some of the red Sugar 'n Cream yarn if you'd like.

You're Finished :)

P.S.- The eyes in the photo tutorial are made with yarn rather than felt as in the first photo.


  1. I love the idea and all that you make. Just wanted to stop by and say how awesome you are! I used this idea to make a Totoro cozy and really appreciate you putting this up!

    1. I hope your Totoro cozy turned out well. He's so cute :D

  2. Thank you for the pattern. It turned out so cute :) you rock!